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Based on the PHP 5, Zend Framework is an open source framework that finds applications in developing web apps. The Zend framework development team at Arvaan takes care of best object-oriented best followed, agile tested codebase, simple, and corporate licensing friendly to the business model architecture implemented in the application. During executing application development using the Zend framework, we make use of the comprehensive tools creating an utter efficient web application based on the PHP platforms.

Being a unique framework and unlike other commonly used frameworks for developing the web applications, Zend Framework utilizes loosely coupled architecture. Simply put, Zend framework already consists of the several components that are least related to each other and so, these components are independent to each other.

Reasons for Zend framework counted as one of the simple and reliable platforms

  • Built in features like APIs security, Input validation
  • Database XML operations
  • Data Caching
  • Internationalization
  • MVC Architectiure
  • Code Reusability and Flexibility

Being a Zend Framework development company we understand the efficacy needed to deal with the Zend components to create the code swiftly and with a great quality. We have expertise over creating the flexible, light weight applications having pre-eminent class. The approach needed to develop an application is based on the priority of the coding components and selecting the most efficient one based on the knowledge. The MVC implementation allows the exact business model and the logic used to separate data models and the UI of the application, which finds most suitable usage in creating the medium complex applications in minimal time.