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As being in the digital industry from more than 6 years exploring the the power of games in the mobile devices which work on across multiple platforms has catered one of the major strength of Arvaan Techno-lab LLC. With the experienced team of game developers and designers having the capability to showcase 2D game development has offered Arvaan Techno-lab the outstanding gaming experience. Arvaan Techno-lab’s game development strategy has designed to cover the overall cost of development by using the latest technological support on multiple platforms which results into increasing the client’s target market as well as revenue generation.

Arvaan Techno-lab LLC has designed and delivered a range of reliable game solution with the reliable areas of expertise like:

Unity2D which is one of the robust game development platform present in the market, supports developing 2D and 3D game on multiple mobile platforms and web. Arvaan Techno-lab team of game designers have extensively experienced which has give them the ability to use Unity3D for developing numerous games on this platform. At Arvaan Techno-lab we have used advance functions in Unity3D to which provides the ability to integrate ads, geolocation feature, push notifications functionality as well as In app purchase feature.

Platforms which we have worked on includes:

  • 2D game development
  • Educational gaming app solution
  • Edutainment which includes both entertainment and educational apps
  • Flawless integration of advanced gaming features
  • Social media games and integration of social media with games

Hire our dedicated expert Game Developers

Arvaan Techno-lab LLC has experienced set of game engineers who works to ensure cost effective solutions for each clients across the globe. With the Digital Industry norms for development as well as business association, at Arvaan Techno-lab we tend to assist our clients with a vision of having a long term partnership.