X-Cart Development Services

Online e-commerce has made it easy for the consumer to buy and sell goods all over the world. It is now easy to buy anything online, from paper clips to life insurances, everything. This freedom has given numerous opportunity for anyone to start their own ecommerce website. Arvaan Technolab is providing X-Cart Development Services to various businesses, who are wishing to sell online.

The pioneer of providing this e-commerce website is X-cart. In the year 2000, X-cart services went online. X-cart is a PHP shopping cart platform which makes easy for us designing an e-commerce website.


list of X-Cart Development Services by Arvaan Technolab

Basic features

  • X-cart provides the basic infrastructure one needs to launch an e-commerce website. These features are ready to use without any prior knowledge of coding.
  • These facilities include filters, payment options, address books, categorization of products, etc.
  • These features are again customizable according to the need of clients. Different products need different features. Such as a clothing website might not require an active chat support but it is essential for websites which sell insurance policies.

Open source nature

  • The best thing about X-cart is that it is an open source service. People just need to pay the developers to design the website according to their liking.
  • Open source softwares are extremely flexible when it comes to platforms and operating systems. This is also a benefit as it encourages cross-platform interactions, ultimately creating a versatile global environment.
  • Clients get full control over every aspect of the design of their website. Thousands of e-stores run on X-cart even today.

Long survival

  • After its creation in 2000, even today X-cart did not stop upgrading. It modified with time and people still choose it for e-commerce purpose.
  • This also reflects in Ecommerce shopping cart design. The developers can modify existing websites built by X-cart services. This is highly efficient as people do not need to jump to other service providers even if their websites become old.
  • Over 35000 e-stores still use X-Cart Development Services and grow their businesses. This is a proof that reliable services are a feature of X-cart.

Website designing

  • Ecommerce shopping cart design with X-cart is highly customizable. We provide options either to use a template from their catalog or to develop a unique design from scratch or we can also incorporate our own design.
  • These services give total control of an owner over his/her business. In this way, sellers can record the behavior of consumers on their site and modify accordingly. They can generate ad revenue by posting ads relating to their products.

Additional tools

  • X-cart provides clients with analytical services for their sites. These tools can track the users’ activity. It is helpful in removing bugs and enhancing the user experience.
  • It also creates room for innovative ideas. Marketing is a creative field. The art of converting a potential buyer is no longer sacred. These analytical tools can easily boost sales of an e-store.

With over 17 years of experience, X-cart is still the best choice for people to start an ecommerce website. If you too wish to avail our services, get in touch with our team right now!



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